Monday, June 30, 2014

Sappy Sentiments

  I am so glad I decided to make this blog.  Sorry for the awkward post, but I honestly don't think I would have continued without the support I have received from people reading my blog. I'm really glad to be a positive part of peoples lives.  People say I have inspired them in some way, but I don't think anyone realizes how much their feedback inspires me. Just like any other human, I wonder if what I am doing is right, or if I am wasting my time. But, if this blog helps just one person that is all the reassurance I need. So, don't forget to comment and share your thoughts on my blog.  This is your home just as well as mine. THANKS FOR READING MY STUFF 


Saturday, June 28, 2014

Cut Out Craze

Jeffery Campbell
  Traditional boots are a thing of the past; everyday I see more of cut-out boots hitting the shelves of retail stores. They are so sick, and have been on my Must Buy list for a while. This takes boots from being winter to summer wear.  I am a fan of Jeffery Campbell style cut out boots, but you can also find similar designs at Forever 21 for a more affordable price. I think we all need to put away the Uggs (forever), and invest in cut-outs.


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Worth the Hype?? Katy Perry's New Claire's Collection

   It has been years since I have set foot into a Claire's.  Of course it was my favorite store when I was much younger, but I have since out grown friendship bracelets, and the all too popular obsession with neon.  I rediscovered interest in Claire's after I received a job offer from my local store. The new Prism Collection at Claire's is just as diverse as Katy Perry herself.  The accessory line carries jewelry, shades, phone cases, her latest album Prism, and more.  There is no word to describe this line, because it is almost like several lines in one.  If you are interested in floral, iridescent, animal, or tribal accessories then this line is for you.  I would not wear everything from this line personally, but I think there is a great age range for this collection.

Katy Perry Double PRISM Stud Earrings
Double Prism Stud Earrings

Katy Perry Iridescent PRISM Journal
Iridescent Prism Journal 
Iridescent Arrows Statement Necklace  
   I am obsessed with iridescent anything, making it hard for me to criticize this collection. Needless to say, the iridescent items (above) are my favorite. I also would love to own the Double Flower Cluster Headband, and the Crystal and Flower Embellished Round Glasses (below), so cute!  Obviously I'm bias, like any true Katy fan, but please comment below and tell me what you think.  

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Creepy of Cute? You Me and Bones

   I have been a big fan of You Me and Bones ever since I discovered them on instagram (@youmeandbones). I am anxious to buy one of their increasingly popular baby doll head candles. Unfortunately,  I have been putting it off do to the fact that everyone I have shown them to thinks they are disturbing.  In addition to heads they also sell sushi roll, skull, and brain candles. They are so edgy and different. I think they make the most interesting home decor statement piece. What do you think?

 If you are also interested you can shop here at You Me and Bones.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My Wish List

Lola Tassel Poncho
Free People
   Since my last post was so long (go read it!!), I decided to make a shorter one today.   My wish list is pretty long and full of things I really do not need, because I have a problem.  But, maybe this will give you some shopping inspiration.  

"Loose knit poncho with a V-Neck and fringe detailing. Pull ties at neck with tassel accents. One size fits all." -Free People

Monday, June 16, 2014

Spain & France MUST haves

I definitely took this picture on a sunny day in Paris.
Yes, I'm creepy.
The French often wear many layers of neutral colored, sometimes baggy clothing. Rain comes often, so it is better to have layers to shed throughout the day, than to wear less and freeze. My top suggestion would be any clothing made of wool, because it does not absorb as much wool as other fabrics.  While I was there, it became more humid as the days went on.  But personally, I would much rather carry my cardigan around all day than be cold and wet.  Another observation I noticed, Parisians typically wear plain clothing.  I believe this is not just a coincidence, but if you look at it in their perspective it makes sense to buy clothing that do not clash.  If you have to wear two sweaters on top of your clothing if sure outfits are hard to match if patterns clash.
France Fashion and Necessities    
● Layers  
● Knit Cardigan  
● Scarves
● Pointed Dress Shoes
● Side Satchel
● Umbrellas  
●  Blazers
●  Skinny Jeans

  In my experience, it was HOT everyday I was in Spain. I was even warm on the coolest day there in just a tunic.  The weather made me want to spend everyday on the beach in Barcelona.  The less clothing, the better. Although, people who live there are accustom to the heat, and could wear jeans, or anything they wanted in 90 degree weather.  It was nice to see summer clothing I was more interested in.  I may not have dug into my crop top collection if it weren't for the fact that the locals were comfortable showing some skin. In a city with bikini optional beaches, no one seemed to care if your shorts were a little cheeky. I would suggest light, flowy clothing for Summers in Spain, or you might melt

Spain Fashion and Necessities
● Sun Dresses  
● Cut-off shorts
● Sun Glasses
●  V-Necks
●  Bikini (optional)
●  Gladiator Sandals
●  Wrap Sandals
●  Halter Tops                                    
●  Long Brim Hats
●  Beach Bags                        

Well, that was way too much thought put into one post.

Friday, June 13, 2014

I'm Home!

  In case you did not know, I'm back from my lovely trip. I knew I would miss my old friends while I was gone, but I never expected to miss my new ones after coming home. I met so many interesting people, saw sights, and had the experience of a lifetime. I gained I little more understanding of who I am, and want I want to be while I was on this trip.  Theses are some of my favorite memories.  To see all of my photos go to my Facebook page (linked in sidebar).

Monday, June 2, 2014

Personal Message

   I hate to say that I will not be posting as often for the next two weeks.  I am flying out tomorrow to Paris, France. I will also be touring Spain.  Hopefully I will draw enough inspiration from the fashion capital of the world to get me through the rest of the summer. When I return I plan on doing a international shopping haul video to make up for my lack of posts. So, there is lots to come!


Sunday, June 1, 2014

Killer Kimonos

Free People
Cardigan Partnered Kimono $78.40

   This summer's must have for all of your festival days and beachy nights: Vintage kimonos have come a long way from the closets of our hippy grandmothers.  They are being sold just about everywhere right now, including Forever 21.  They run anywhere from $17 to $200.


Xhilaration Junior's kimono Jacket $19.99
Living Doll Burnout Kimono $29.99