Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Worth the Hype?? Katy Perry's New Claire's Collection

   It has been years since I have set foot into a Claire's.  Of course it was my favorite store when I was much younger, but I have since out grown friendship bracelets, and the all too popular obsession with neon.  I rediscovered interest in Claire's after I received a job offer from my local store. The new Prism Collection at Claire's is just as diverse as Katy Perry herself.  The accessory line carries jewelry, shades, phone cases, her latest album Prism, and more.  There is no word to describe this line, because it is almost like several lines in one.  If you are interested in floral, iridescent, animal, or tribal accessories then this line is for you.  I would not wear everything from this line personally, but I think there is a great age range for this collection.

Katy Perry Double PRISM Stud Earrings
Double Prism Stud Earrings

Katy Perry Iridescent PRISM Journal
Iridescent Prism Journal 
Iridescent Arrows Statement Necklace  
   I am obsessed with iridescent anything, making it hard for me to criticize this collection. Needless to say, the iridescent items (above) are my favorite. I also would love to own the Double Flower Cluster Headband, and the Crystal and Flower Embellished Round Glasses (below), so cute!  Obviously I'm bias, like any true Katy fan, but please comment below and tell me what you think.  

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