Wednesday, April 6, 2016

My Hair Advice - Baby Bangs by Ira Pope Sage

Color Diego Beltran
Cut Ira Pope Sage

2521 S 174th Plaza
Omaha, NE, 68130


   Anyone close to me would know that I don't let many stylists touch my hair. Call it trust issues if you will.  I've been coloring my own hair for years for that reason. It's hard to find anyone in my area who has experience with heavily bleached hair, much less anyone familiar with pastel products. I get asked,"who colors your hair", more frequently now than I ever have. I swear every barista I come within 10 feet of comments on my hair. Coffee people are my people! I used to blow off the question with a simple, "oh, I do it myself," and hope they don't ask the next inevitable question. "How?," seems to always follow. I never know how to answer this, especially with strangers.  I have no clue how vast their knowledge of cosmetics may be. I'm not even sure if people are really asking out of legitimate interest, or just curiosity. In my opinion there is a big difference, and I have two prepared answers depending on who's asking.  I'm self taught, YouTube style, I'm not even sure how much hair vocabulary I know! So here is my advice, if you feel comfortable doing research and trial-and-error, do it yourself. It's a great way to familiarize yourself with your own hair in its natural and chemically-altered state, and it will save you big dollars.  It's like hair chemistry. If you are not confident in your ability to teach yourself, or you are scared of the result (it's JUST hair), go to a salon. Find a stylist that you can form a real bond with. If you feel intimidated by your stylist then you will never be able to communicate exactly what you want your hair to look like.  Which leads me to another point, bring in pictures, be extra specific, and don't be afraid to speak up. I can't tell you how many times I have bossed my poor stylists around, but they still love me (I hope). I always want it shorter, choppier, pinned up higher. Keep in mind the opinion of your stylist, respect that this is their art. They are there to serve you, but sometimes only they know what is best for your specific hair type.
    Back on topic, WHO DOES MY HAIR? My wonderful hairy godmother at Staiy Salon of course, Diego Beltran. Professionally and personally he is one of my favorite people, and he makes an excellent sushi buddy! The salon is gorgeous and literally every stylist at Staiy is so friendly, I could just gag. I feel so at home there, which is a first for me since I haven't had anyone touch my hair in two years.  Recently, they invited me to have my hair cut by the fabulous Ira Pope Sage, who flew all the way from Las Vegas for a salon instructional consultation. I was a little worried when Diego told me that he had no clue HOW Ira was going to cut my hair, but I was too excited about the opportunity to pass it up. After stalking Ira's Instragram for a month prior I was confident that I would love anything he did to my head. If you are into abstract hair and rock n' roll you will love Ira's art. Within minutes of meeting we had decided that an edgy mullet was exactly what I was looking for. "The choppier, the better!" Was not surprised when I LOVED this hair style..I'm still drooling over it.
    I learned a lot alongside the stylists.  His hair product line, Cote Hair is environmentally friendly, super high quality, and smells amazing. My hair has never felt softer than after he babied it for a few hours.  Bottom line: best salon day of my life.  I even got a massage! I so look forward to working with Ira again, soon(?)!!! Also, if you have made it this far through my post and haven't made an appointment at Staiy Salon you are either crazy, or hate your hair. Just sayin'.