Thursday, June 16, 2016



Long Brim Fedora  //  Free People

Lace Button Up  //  Vintage 

Salem Bra  //  UNIF

Stripe Detail Trousers  //  Free People

Quartz Crystal Necklace  //  Hand Made

Fringe Rucksack  //  Target

Sandals  //  F21

   Summer is here and the humidity is as unforgiving as ever. While I can't wait to get outside and shoot, I will be missing my over sized outerwear and turtlenecks. Bikini season is sneaking up on me too quickly and I did not eat my vegetables this winter.  In my utter lack of focus, I forgot about these photos taken almost a year ago. I might not be timely but at least I'm predictable. And just look at all that hair RIP...

   I still love this outfit, so I'm sure it's not yet irrelevant.  I get tired keeping up with fashion trends anyway. WHO HAS THAT KIND OF TIME? Not me. This is my mother's shirt, from her collegiate days working at The Brass Buckle, which you may know better as The Buckle.  If you are from my home state, Nebraska then you have to know exactly which store I'm talking about.  I loath this store, the irony.  I am the anti. I don't mean to offend, but coming from a small town with a handful of stores it is emotionally taxing for anyone trying to form a personal style.  I certainly don't aspire to dress like the masses. 

   Now it seems that I am also a hypocrite, there is no denying.  In my defense it is vintage. When my grandmother handed down my mother's dusty high school closet to me I went into a clothing comma and still haven't quite recovered. I wear her clothes from time to time. Without her consent, of course. Giving her weird nostalgia is one of the few ways I am able to seek revenge for years of torment. Something she refers to as 'parenting.'

For my Mom,