Saturday, May 31, 2014

Mac Lorde Gets Gloomy

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  The summer release of MAC's new limited edition lipstick, Pure Heroine and wing tipped eyeliner, Rapidblack have been heavily anticipated.  They are going to be available in all Fifth Avenue and Time Square stores, and also online at MAC June 5th. By July they will launch internationally.  Lorde worked with Senior Makeup Artist Amber Deadon to create the new products (seen above in hands, and applied bellow).  While Rihanna's Viva Glam line also dueled as a charity fund for AIDS, it does not seem the same for the MAC Lorde launch.  If this release is anything like that of MAC and Rihanna's, Pure Heroine and Rapidblack are going to sell out quickly.  Fortunately for you dolls, MAC is currently carrying already released products that are so similar you might mistake them for the same.

Lorde's Pure Heroine lipstick and Rapidblack eyeliner
MAC's lipstick shade Strong Woman, and Penultimate eyeliner (below) are already up and selling, if you happen to be as impatient as me.  I am shocked MAC did not even try to change up their products for this release.  It seems more like another form of advertisement, than limited edition products (that already exists).  Though, I could see how Lorde's following would definitely improve sales.  MAC would not even have to lift a finger in the makeup lab, and from what we can see here (above), the applicator has not changed either
Strong Woman Lipstick
Penultimate Eyeliner

See more MAC shades similar to Pure Heroine HERE.

Pure Heroine

Strong Woman


Friday, May 30, 2014

Dream Land

   I am absolutely in love with unicorns, and am so happy they are popular at the moment.  Pastel colors and unicorns seem to go hand in hand.  So, if you like pretty pinks and childish antics continue scrolling.

Stay Fly Kimono
Drop Dead
Monokeros Jumper
Kill Star
Go To Hell Fringe Dress
Wildfox Couture
Lounge Shorts and Sweater
Black Unicorn Horn Circlet
Black Unicorn Horn Circlet

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hot or Not: Retro Bikini?!

The Cobra Snake
Summer Time High
   The Cobra Shop sells one of a kind retro high cut hip one piece swim suits. These were pretty popular in the 80's and 90's, and now they are making another splash in LA.  Nobody seemed to mind the cast of Bay Watch sporting their curves, but what about off the screen? Is the revival of the high cut hip too much, or too cute?!

Leave your opinion in a comment, loves!
The Cobra Snake
"Cailin" One Piece

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sea Salt Collection

    I have put together a little collection of sea inspired clothing, accessories, and cosmetics for all of my beach babes and summer lovers.

Wildfox Couture
Shell Bra Lost Sweater
MYVL Raised By Mermaids Crop Tank
Dolls Kill
Raised by Mermaids Crop Tank
and Galatica Mini Skirt
This Is A Love Song
Mermaid Bikini Kill in Blue
This Is A Love Song
Shell Top and
Mermaid Bikini Kill in Coral
H0les Eyewear
H0les Deep Kaleidoscope Prism Glasses
Sole Struck
Black Milk Mermaid Chameleon Boots
Opaque Lipstick
Lime Crime
Opaque Lipstick in No She Didn't
BH CosmeticsMalibu Eyeshadow & Blush

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Crystal Review

Image of CRYSTAL Roulette
Crystal Roulette  $22
   If you are interested in raw crystal jewelry, make sure to check out Crystal Cactus.  Each piece is a unique, hand crafted healing crystal.  You can purchase a randomly selected Crystal necklace by selecting either gold or silver in Crystal Roulette (shown above).  I feel like this was made for me, because I can never make up my mind.  But, if you don't like surprises, Crystal Cactus also has lots of other rad necklaces, bath products, jewelry boxes, and more!


Monday, May 26, 2014

Witch Bitch

 I have seen every season of American Horror Story in order, but I would not have considered myself a fan until the release of the third, Coven.  It does not surprise me that a season dedicated to a young, female audience has had such an impact on urban and high fashion.  Occult, Wicca, and Goth fashion trends have been around since the 90's, but black on black is finally back.
   "Now, witches are getting another crack at dominance. And I think that’s a good thing — particularly for the young girls and women who are the primary audience for these shows. Unlike the female leads in most vampire stories, women in witchcraft stories are typically depicted as strong, capable characters. They might not always be noble, but they’re certainly not weak or passive characters who sit on the sidelines while the men take charge." -Megan Gibson
   Personally, I am fond of Black clothing; it is flattering on virtually everyone.  Also, I never have to worry what color of bra I am wearing, and if it will show through. Versatility, people! Black matches everything, including black, right?  Unif, my Supreme choice, has a large collection of clothing inspired by witch craft. 
  Unif Clothing

Coven Dress
Wiccan Dress
Wiccan Kimono
                        Confession Boots                     

Other Favorites

Property of Salem Witch Top
Valfre Apparel                                                                
Valfré Pussy Power Valfré Crew
Pussy Power Valfre Crew
   Free People
Clipperton Fedora

Men's Wear

Stretch Poplin Shirt with
 Reversible Tie
Night Time Inside Out Vest

Stop Following Me Jacket
Shop Black
Lip Service

Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Secret to Shopping YRU

    I absolutely love YRU shoes.  They are notorious for their platforms and cute, but controversial loafers. While I find both light weight and comfortable, I receive the best reactions from my Qozmo platform sneakers in the color Black (shown below).  Anyone who can walk in heels can also rock platforms, and you will never have to worry about arch pain!  In my search to find the cheapest pair of YRU platforms, I was surprised to find them at Hot Topic.  Even Dolls Kill's sale price could not top Hot Topic.  Although, I bought mine from Nasty Gal during a Cyber Monday sale.  Hot Topic seems to have a consistent markdown on all YRU shoes, making them my buyer's choice!

    Rad Deal!
1. Hot Topic  $63.60

2. Nasty Gal  $88
3. Dolls Kill  $95
4. YRU  $100

Qozmo Platforms in Black
Quozmo Platforms in White


My First Post

    Although I am quite new to this, I will do everything in my power to make the time you spend on my blog worth while.  I often get asked to describe my style.  As much as I have tried to conjure words to fit, I have never found the right ones. I wear, buy, and promote clothing that I like regardless of origins.  There is nothing more exciting to me than finding a new store or designer. I hunt for the lowest prices, and love experimenting.  I hope this blog gives you a little idea what my "style" is, and inspires you as much as it does me.