Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Local Love - The Daily Nebraskan x NP Telegraph

 These past few months have been an exciting blur of opportunities. I have met so many amazing people, it just blows my mind that anyone would show any interest in me. I would not be in any position of praise if not for everyone whom I have worked with, those who promote what I do, and everyone who supports me back home. Small towns can be rough, but it's only a matter of perspective. Recently, Nebraska has been showing me a lot of love. First, I was interviewed at the University of Nebraska Lincoln by Jineo Saito, where we also did a small photo shoot on campus. The Q&A was for a feature in The Daily Nebraskan, which you can find here in the link below:

  Being a North Platte native, my article caught the attention of Tammy Bain of the North Platte Telegraphy. She asked if she could interview me over the phone for a bit in the local newspaper. We talked for about an hour, but I felt like we could have chatted all day long if I didn't have to rush off to class! I really appreciated all of her in-depth interview questions as well as her input. It was a great way to spend International Women's Day! After the article was posted, I was heartbroken by all the remarks of my loved ones back home. It's hard to go so many days, months, and years without seeing some of your closest friends. Even if we can't talk everyday, they are all always on my mind, and I truly am grateful and totally undeserving! Which leads me back to how unbelievable this week has been. Two local articles within the span of a few days. That's crazy. You can only imagine my surprise when my grandmother called me saying, "I saw you on the front page of the Telegraph!" I didn't realize that I would be on the front page. North Platte may not be the most eventful place to live, but I never imagined that I'd be on the front page of their newspaper without doing something completely reckless. I really enjoyed Tammy's article and I hope you do, too! You can find my interview with the NP Telegraph here in the link below:

Photos Courtesy of Jineo Saito