Monday, September 14, 2015

Road Trip with Amy Lynn Photos Pt.2 Brooklyn

   I desperately need to post more. Eek, I'm sorry, even though I say this every post.  You still love me right? All of these photos where taken in Brooklyn and other parts of New York.  We arranged to stay with model and ultra-babe Nicole Keimig.  Follow her on Instagram @nicolekeimig, she has the most inspiring life.  By the time Amy and I had reached her apartment we were falling apart at the seams.  What an incredible first impression I must have made meeting Nicole, being super sick and in feverish pain all night.  But she was such a sweetie and even made me tea.  We bonded over our love for The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho numerous times.  Our rehab the next morning, delicious vegan doughnuts. We seriously went a little crazy with all the food choices.  From classic New York style pizza to small bistro food and hand dipped ice cream bars, we wanted to experience it all. Or at least eat it all! We celebrated Amy's birthday with wine and the apartment's rooftop view of Manhattan.  It was a night of many firsts, and 100% living in the moment. The dinner party on the roof next to us simmered out, but not before the hosts jumped the rails to lounge around with us.  One of my favorite parts of traveling is getting to experience my destination like a local.  Hanging out with perfect strangers is such a great way to dive deep into the culture of city life. On the day of our departure poor Amy must have picked up my bad luck.  She was so ill, and everything seemed to be going in a million different directions than anticipated, but we made it though.  With heartfelt goodbyes we left Nicole and Brooklyn in search of the windy city.  But you won't get the down low on that today. Hope you enjoyed this post, comment below if you like my travel blogs more, or maybe less....either way I love your feedback.  Always, thanks for reading.