Sunday, August 31, 2014

Wash Up

   I have grown accustom to, and have acceptance for many of my personal traits.  I will never be a good singer, even if I practiced.  I will never have the ambition to be wealthy.  I am not competitive, coordinated, nor am I skilled enough to be an athlete.  Odds are that my test scores will remain in the grey, unnoticed area between average and advanced.  But, I am an expert at the one thing I never quite grew out of; playing dress-up.  I am a creature that truly knows no bounds, and I refuse to lose trust in pixie dust.  The curious part?  Of all the humans, I am not the one lost in a game of pretend.  
The Look
Shell Muscle Tee - Private Arts
High Waisted Shorts - Foxx Foe
Boots - Charlette Russe
Pink Rose Ring - Illuminati Jewellery
Rainbow Rhinestones - Claire's 
Leather Belt - Vintage
Mint to Be Lipstick - Lime Crime
Eye Shadow - Take Me to Brazil BH Cosmetics Palette 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Moon Prism Power

Hello Pretties, 
I will admit that I have been very lazy lately, and have been watching an embarrassing amount of 90's cartoons. The excessive rain has discouraged me from doing outfit posts. Never fear! I may look unkempt, but my nails are fierce as ever. Personally, I find it inconvenient to go to a salon and pay for a twenty dollar manicure that last two days. My nails were inspired by Sailor Moon and the other Sailor Scouts! Revlon has their new Colorstay Gel Envy nail polish, which I adore! I bought two bottles for just under ten dollars at Wal-Mart.  Even if you do not like their wide color selection, consider their Diamond Top Coat #010.  My nails have survived work, dishes, and all of my daily routines.  My fresh nails are typically destroyed after one day, but I can see myself painting my nails more with the Revlon gel nail polish.  For these nails I bought Wet n Wild's Glitter Nail Color in shade #492C for the base coat.  I wanted big glitter flecks in pink to look just like Sailor Moon's nails when she transforms!  This was the most dramatic pink I could find.  It was about $2.50 at Wal-Mart, as well.  For the Sailor Scout symbols I used Revlon's Sure Thing #510.  If you must know I am not ambidextrous. If I were to paint these straight onto my nails it would take me a year to make them look this clean.  What is my secret to perfect nail art every time? Paint it on plastic first, let dry, then peel it off.  I used a Zip Lock bag for my symbols.  I would also suggest painting thickly, or doing two coats.  This will make it easier to peel without tearing.  Once your decal is removed position it on your nail and apply a few top coats. These tricks will help you save mega salon money, Sailor Moon says!

  If you are interested in watching EVERY EPISODE of Sailor Moon, click the link below!


Saturday, August 23, 2014

In Print

  Word print is very easy to over-do when combining in an outfit.  Make sure one is the focal point, and the other(s) are accenting the focal print.  Also, be very color and font conscious. Trust your judgement, and own your look!

  The Raised by Mermaids crop top I am wearing is by MYVL.  It is a dusty pink color, made of stretch fabric, and is very comfortable.  I bought it on sale from Dolls Kill, unfortunately their stock is completely gone.  MYVL still carried Small and Medium, which you can buy HERE.

In Print Look
Raised by Mermaids - MYVL
Shorts, Purse, & Necklace - Vintage
Cross My Heart Glasses - Ebay
D'lilac Lipstick - Lime Crime
Side Note
It was raining while I was taking these pictures. 
Ironically, they turned out kind of beachy.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

On Black We Wear Wednesday

 Today is a great day to hate everything.  My life is at a standstill. I feel as though I am waiting for destiny to swoop me off my feet and into the tomorrow of my dreams. But, that hasn't happened yet. I am so uninterested in my current, apathetic life. This look is for my ghouls, and black-on-black connoisseurs, inspired by this gloomy day.  I give you Wednesday Addams.

  Some of these items have been mentioned before in the Burn Your Bra post.  If you would like to see my previous outfit click HERE.  Let me know what your think. Have a horrible day, my loves.


Velvet Collar Dress - Ark Clothing
Crochet Socks - Forever 21
Boots - Ark Clothing
Long Brim Fedora - Free People
Stiletto Lipstick -  Lime Crime

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Questions, Answers, and Opinions on Midwest Fashion

This man bought  the most ridiculous $300, paisley, velvet blazer for
 $0.50 from the sidewalk sale I worked this summer.  How cute is he?
   I have rewritten this four times trying to come up with my honest opinion.   I was approached by my friend Jay, about my thoughts on male fashion decline.  More specifically, he wanted to know why the midwest has difficulty grasping the concept of fashion evolution.  At first there were so many thoughts buzzing through my head.  So let's just take this one question at a time.  Firstly, I do not think male fashion has declined.  If anything it has greatly become more socially acceptable for men to have an interest in fashion without people questioning their sexuallity.  On the other hand, I do agree with his assumption about midwestern fashion.  There are some great places to find trendy clothing in the midwest, but innovation is obviously absent. Fashion is in constant motion, and those who push the boundaries are truly fashionable, regardless of sex.  It is not just midwestern men, but everyone who has jumped on the coastal style wagon. I say this lightly, because it does not apply to everyone, nor do I want anyone to take offence. What we do not realize is that that our coasts and fashion capitals are exchanging designs with other countries. If you want to be a step ahead, I would suggest shopping internationally online.  But if you want to stop the standstill in the center of the US, wear what you want. Do not listen to the fashion advice of anyone (including me!). Your creativity is your greatest tool.  If it doesn't match, even better.  Make people stare at you. Make people wish they thought of it first.  Here is one of my favorite inspirational quotes, and I hope this helps!

   If you have any other questions, or even thoughts, don't be afraid to comment or even message me!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

No Care

I feel like my whole life has been muddled with people telling me what to do, and how to do it.  I have the utmost respect for those who make the rules, but I have always had trouble following them.  I'm not careless, negligent, or a delinquent. I have never defied those for my own amusement, nor for the satisfaction of displeasing others.  As humans, all we have been thought since we could walk is how to follow the rules.

  What if my rules are better.

The Look
Stray Jumper in White - UNIF
Candy Stripe Bra - Victoria's Secret
Levi's Jean Jacket - Vintage
Blue Rose & Cross Choker - Illuminati Jewellery 
Nobody Platforms in Black - UNIF
My Beautiful Rocket Lipstick - Lime Crime

Side Note
I will update about the Nobody Platforms later. Having mixed feelings. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

My Childhood

I am in love with a dead tree.

   I must be crazy.  I can barely even stand to look at it, now. If only you could have seen the magnitude of my tree.  It was glorious.  Not only was it massive, but it also spewed white fluff that floated in the air like fairies.  I did not need friends; I had trees.  That stump once hoisted a tire swing that flew so high, I thought I would never come down. I loved being weightless, if only for a moment.   One day a stranger came, and too my horror they cut my tree down.  A child would not understand that a tree of that size so close to a house would be a hazard if it died. From my perspective they were murdering my best friend.  Now my tire swing is a distant memory, and all that is left is a striped tomb stone full of insects.  We learn what it means to mourn at a young age, even if our elders do not understand.

This look is for my friends, the trees.

Rehab Valley of Flowers Lace Tunic - Dolls Kill
Flower Headband - Claire's 
Silver Oxford Shoes - Gap
Heart and Pearl Necklace - Charming Charlie


Sunday, August 10, 2014

10 things you NEED for college

  Since it is that time of year, I figured I could make a small collection of dorm must-haves for my graduated friends, and anyone planning on going to college.  I will try to list them in order of importance, because every good college student needs structure and the ability to prioritize, in order to balance out irresponsible decision making (a.k.a. Fun).

1. Shower Caddy
I figured I would start with the obvious.  Shower Caddies are so important for carrying, storing, and keeping your stuff away from other.  Having your stuff hanging in the shower is now a long lost luxury, sorry friends, but a shower caddy defiantly makes dragging your stuff back and forth from the shower room a little more convenient.

2. Shower Shoes
Seriously, invest in a cheap pair of flip flops for the sake of your feet.  Even though you are in a shower, that does not mean the floor is clean.  It is not unusual to find algae, mold, fungi, and urine on the floor of a public shower.  All can transfer from the floor to your feet. Cringe! Here is a picture for my UNL homies.

3. Elastic Towel or Robe
The thing I love about these towels is that they will not foll off like traditional towels. Whether you are a guy or a girl, this will work great.  If not, buy a fuzzy robe that will keep you warm on your long walk back to your dorm room. There is nothing I hate more than being wet and cold.  Either will work, and you don't have to worry about it falling. How embarrassing, right?

4. Laundry Bag and Quarter Jar
Laundry bags make a great alternative for baskets.  Laundry baskets are open and take up too much space in a dorm room.  Pair your laundry bag with a jar to drop spare change in, so you aren't scrounging for quarters when laundry day rolls around.

5. Storage Bins
Space is an issue.  You have multiple people per room, and I can assure you it is not a big room. A very inexpensive solution is to buy tubs to slide out from under a bed, like the ones your mom uses to store toys in.  You have instant clothing storage that is easily accessible.  And, if you are particular, they come in all sorts of colors!

6.  Wall Hooks
There are a million uses for wall hooks.  You can buy really great ones that stick on and remove seamlessly. I would uses these for my jewelry, except for the fact that I have too many accessories.  If you are anything like me, I would suggest buying a large cork board and hanging your jewelry on pins. I have been using this approach for a long time, so I know it rocks.  I would also suggest attaching a hook by your dorm for keys, to avoid locking yourself out.  I can be a long wait if your roommate is conveniently in a class.

7.  Clothing Rack
This one is for my soul sisters who also take pride in their floor-drobe.  Your closet space is limited, not just in dorms, but everywhere.  If you have a serious need to bring all of your clothing to college with you, for the sake of your roommate, buy a clothing rack.  They even fit well under a lofted bed. The racks are typically easy to assemble, and they vary in prices.

8. Scentsy Pot
If you are a guy, or you know a guy who is leaving for college, buy him a wax warmer! I'm not playing around, I know what boy smells like.  Imagine two of them in one room.  They make plenty of scented wax melts that do not smell like freshly spruced girl; pine for example. No guy should be ashamed of his right to fresh air.  I'm only teasing, but this is truly a great gift for any dorm dweller. It also duels as a night light! Awww, hooot!

9. Coffee Pot
You need this whether you like coffee, or not! Thank me during finals.

10. String Lights
These lights are super cheeky, but I thought it was a funny sentiment. I love night lights, and they make great room decor even in the day.  You can buy a light timer, so you never have to flip a switch! I would not advise these lights, though.

Good Luck in the Future Freshmen!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Snap Backs from Caravan Skate Shop

  Caravan Skate shop is selling bunch of rad hats on Ebay!

How do I look in a Snap back?! 
Werkin' it.

Friday, August 8, 2014


   Naturally I had to buy a scentsy pot to match me owl vase. 
$20 at Wal-Mart 
 Includes 4 wax packages, warmer, and light bulb

And now my house smells like Coffee!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Love or Loath? Scouts Honor

  In the spirit of Throwback Thursday, here is my favorite vintage tribute look. Typically, the only uniforms girls wear are from younger years, in occupations, or questionable Halloween costumes.  What I love about this idea is that it is not tacky, or demeaning. As you can see (above), the Brownie vests are a little more snug on adults.  Regardless of size, I think this is a cute sentiment of the past, and shows pride in your childhood accomplishments.  If you did not know, patches are sort of a big deal.  The look (above) is so killer that at first glance I did not realize she was wearing a Brownie vest.  This 70's style floral is such a good compliment to the vintage vibe.  Is this look too rad, or too much?