Wednesday, September 20, 2017




I never have to wear color because I change my hair every two weeks. I've been wearing less neutral colors lately, but my inner emo kid always gets the best of me. My mom dug up a Hot Topic gift card someone had given me for Christmas years ago. I was a little confused on what to do with it because I haven't set foot into a Hot Topic in years, but I think the internet says it's trendy now? The thought of mainstream grunge is so not rock n' roll, but I'm happy for you Hot Topic. Tripp NYC finally got their cult following back. Maybe that's why this gift card found me again because I'm so trend thirsty all the time. I wont lie, I'm a sucker.  Online, I bought two band tees, safety pin earrings, and a leather O-ring cuff with the manifested gift card . Didn't even have to make awkward conversation with a single Hot Topic employee. Who know's maybe next year we'll all go back to Abercrombie and Hollister. I kinda miss smelling like cologne for three weeks straight. JOKES.