Thursday, November 27, 2014

RL Grime's Dancing Queen

      I went to the RL Grime show at the Bourbon last weekend.  Needless to say, I needed a girls night.  I had an unreal time dancing under the lights in a theater packed full of sweaty people.  My kind of people.  Although, I seriously underestimated the population of guys in Lincoln with ponytails.  Another thing, I wonder if any of the guys who talked to me knew that I couldn't hear a single thing they said over the music. Just smile and nod. 
    These pictures are more or less a 'get ready with me,' and this is the outfit that I wore to the show.  I think closet posts are really growing on me, I mean I look like I just jumped out of my closet ready to go. If only it were that easy.  On a totally different note, RL Grime was awesome, and I will take any excuse I can to shake my ass, even if it results in makeup smeared all over my face.  Which it was.  Today is my birthday along with Thanksgiving!  I am so thankful for you and all of my readers; you are the only gift I need.  Lots of kisses from your favorite dancing queen.  

The Look
Headdress - Ebay 
Velvet Top - Forever 21 
Gold Skirt - Charlotte Russe
Leopard Shoes - Charlotte Russe 
Leather Belt - Vintage
Dark Berry Lip Stain - Sephora

Monday, November 17, 2014

Nothing comes between me and my UNIFs

    I decided to treat myself and buy the UNIF Badsport Briefs.  I figured, if I like the underwear I can proceed to buy the bra as well; like being the understatement of the year.  Forget pants, I have been wearing my UNIFs around the house by themselves.  Seriously makes me want to invest in some men's boxer briefs.  Too bad they aren't as cute, but I digress.  The Badsport Bra and Brief duo come in black and white, but they sell out so fast. I really wonder if they will eventually come out with more colors in the same style.  A girl can dream.  Naturally, UNIF hooked it up with a free Melt Tote. The colors honestly match my hair so well, I could cry.  Thanks UNIF, you never let me down.  Also, my boyfriend jeans are from Pimkie, which I bought in France. 
Thanks for reading, loves.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

e.l.f. cosmetics

   I decided to try e.l.f. cosmetics for the first time, because of their super affordable prices.  Their product is a dream for any broke college kid, so I didn't have much to lose.  Overall I am very satisfied with e.l.f.  Read below for my personal review. Product is listed from the following below, left to right.  Hope you enjoy my review and thanks for reading!

Tone Correcting Concealer in Light Beige
   I chose this concealer with the intent to cover dark under eye circles. It works best on top of foundation. I have such fair skin, not to mention terrible sleeping habits.  My under eyes are just too dark to be covered by e.l.f.'s concealer.  The product was only $1. It has the most amazing candy scent.  Also, it works best when blotted on with a brush, instead of rubbed in. I didn't quite get the coverage I wanted, but it still helps a little.  
High Definition Powder
The High Definition Powder was the most expensive of four at $6.  It is worn on top of everyday makeup to help set it in.  It is light weight, but can be a bit messy when not contained properly.  I would recommend this powder for anyone with oily skin, because it neutralizes the shine.  I warn you, it must be used in moderation, or it will look caked on.  
Moisturizing Lipstick in Pink Minx
The lipstick is no lie. It really is moisturizing and very creamy.  I bought Pink Minx because it is a natural pink shade, one that I could wear any day.  And I would be wearing it everyday, but it seems my cousin loves it more. So four thumbs up from the both of us.  This lipstick was $3. 
Shimmering Facial Whip
I am obsessed.  I use the whip for highlighting under my eyes and straight down the bridge of my nose.  It helps catch the light and set contrast for contouring. The shine looks excellent in photos, but if it is over done you can look sweaty and oily.  Another great reason to buy this is that it is only $1. It must be rubbed in very well, so no streak show.  The best part is that the whip smells like smarties candy.   

Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween 2014

    I hope everyone had a sick Halloween.  As for me, I spent the night curled up with a pumpkin latte, tis the season.  It was torture sitting at home alone on my favorite holiday, but I could never turn down an opportunity to dress up.  It was only appropriate to become the loneliest creature of them all, a werewolf.  Leave a comment below and tell me what your costume was. Xx

Thanks for reading!
The Look
Flannel Shirt - Columbia
Stray Jumper - UNIF
Wolf Hat - Elope
Boots - Hot Topic
Stiletto Lipstick - Lime Crime