Friday, December 11, 2015

Irresistible Me - Let's Talk Hair

Happy Friday everybody! This is the best part of the week where worries go out the window and pants are optional. Unless, like me, you are a college student and sleep is irrelevant because finals are approaching. In which case, I'm mourning for you, too.

I have been dying to post about this since I received an email from Irresistible Me months ago, asking if I would review their product. Here's the set up, I have never owned nor colored hair extensions ever in my 20 years of existence (Except for that one time when I was 6 and stole all of Barbie's colored hair clip-ins). In the past I have been known to bag on people for not just growing out their hair instead of purchasing extensions. The land of hypocrisy has now welcomed me with open arms and it has never felt sweeter.  I have moderate length hair past my shoulder blades. It may seem like I have decent volume at times, but I assure you my locks are as thin as a Victoria's Secret model. When Irresistible Me gave me the opportunity to choose any style I wanted from their site, I was bounding with joy. In fact, the day before I was already in the process of researching different brands of extensions. It's like they read my mind, people!

Let's get down to the product. This is what arrived at my door just days after placing an order. Keep in mind that I colored them myself, but you get the idea.  There were rubber banded together and wrapped neatly in a hair net. I chose the 24"/200g Royal Platinum Blonde (#613) hair extensions, which includes 10 pieces and, three extra clips incase one falls off. The specifics can be found on their site I colored them with Bleach London's Semi-permanent hair color Awkward peach, which can be bought at  There was so much hair that I didn't even bother coloring it all.   
The extensions are made of 100% Human Indian Remy hair.  Cosmetology translation: they are damn good quality. You could drop $60 on eBay for a stringy pair of extensions, but they are not going to last as long, or give you the same "umfyour scalp needs. They supply you with two sample strands to play with instead of opening the real product. That way if for whatever reason you don't like what you receive you can return them, full refund. Another plus is that the extensions have a weft of different darker/lighter strands that give the color a more realistic depth, something you don't see in a cheaper product.
Honesty is my policy! While I did not pay for the product I am still not being paid to advertise these on my blog. This is not a sponsored post. That being said, here are some issues I had with the product. Initially when I opened the package I was terrified, because I have never been entrusted with a product of this value and I didn't want to mess them up while coloring them. The original shade I received was a much warmer blonde than I anticipated. I was hoping they would be whiter, but they were more of a natural blonde.  This was the lightest shade they offered, so I opted for it. Unfortunately, my hair is as platinum as they come and these were just not that pastel friendly. I chose to color them a peach to cover the brassy tones.  If I were to do any other scheme I would have had to bleach bath them.  I had to buy multiple shades of hair color to make my hair match the extensions, after I had already colored them to match my hair. Basically it was easier to change the color of my hair than the extension, since I can't bleach them myself.  While tedious and time consuming, I love the coral color and it was such a good learning experience.
 While coloring these some of the paint chipped off a few of the clips. This doesn't bother me since the clips disappear once they are on my head, but it might others. Even with these flaws I would still recommend the product. My advice to Irresistible Me would be to expand their color selection. It would help to have more real customer photo examples as well as professional photos of the product being used on the site to make it easier for the customer to choose. Another great accessory to include would be a hanger for the extensions to keep them from tangling. I made a makeshift one with a clothing hanger and string, but I would still be a nice plus.  Once I'm no longer a starving college kid, I will probably return to the site to buy the Volume Vixen hair extensions. Even with the price tag they really are that good. I think it is very important to invest in staple pieces, hair included. Personally, the thick quality of the extensions sells it for me. I literally only used half the pieces I received and it is still sufficient. I think that speaks for itself.  They are softer than my natural hair, and they blend well.  Trying to distinguish my hair from the extensions is as impossible as finding every item in an entire I Spy book. I get nervous when companies send me products to review, but I couldn't have been more happy with the results, even with the extra effort.  Irresistible Me sells more than just extensions.  If you are interested check them out.
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Let me know what you think of my Rapunzel hair in the comments below!  I'd love to know what you think.  Like and Share this if you thought it was helpful, I appreciate it more than you know. Don't forget to give the weekend a little hell for me. I'll be inside studying *sob*. 

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