Tuesday, April 21, 2015


   It's no surprise how much I love Lush Cosmetics. What is this, my third Lush post? If you have ever used Lush, I'm sure you would understand my obsession. For all of those who have not been to a Lush store, hopefully this will give you a little incentive. When you walk into the shop the first thing you see is a rainbow display of bath bombs and bubble bars.  The store smells fresh, but more natural than other stores lIke Bath & Bodyworks. Lining the walls are shelves of recycled containers filled with other Lushy stuff.  Even the paint on the walls is made of recycled material. Upon arrival a sales associate will greet you.  I have yet to meet an employee who was not kind, insightful, and bounding to help me with literally anything.  I brought Marcus with me, who was less than enthusiastic to be shopping. After conversing with different workers, testing a bath bomb, and getting his hands washed a few times he actually started to have fun! I promise Lush is not just for girls. They have a whole section for men. For Marcus I bought Kalamazoo, a beard and facial wash; As well as purchasing several different bath bombs for myself,  and Ocean Salt scrub for both of us.  I think the reason I love Lush so much is because the company seems to value each customer, and the ecosystem immensely. Now if only more businesses thought that way. I hope I informed you at least a little, and thank you for taking the time to read my nonsense.  


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

IN THE 303

   My boyfriend and I went on a little road trip to the state of Colorful Colorado.  We crashed on the couch of his family, and didn't plan a single minute of our stay.  While our visit was nothing extravagant, like spending a week on the beach, or flying cross-country, we still had an amazing time. We slept in far too long, met up with family, had the most delicious home cooked meals, and opened Easter gifts.  Our low budget vacation was much more than I could have ever asked for.  Sometimes it's nice to just get lost every once in a while.  Even if that means driving in circles with road-rage induced arguments.  The best part of our trip was the night drive home.  Nothing closes a trip to CO like a horizon filled with Denver lights, good music, and my best friend next to me.  Four hours in a car with anyone else would have been excruciating.  Not with Marcus.  When we finally got home, our little bungalow of a house looked frozen in time; dishes still in the sink and clothes still on the floor.  Nothing was touched. As if we had never left at all, and our little escape was just a faint dream. 

The Look
Jean Jacket  - F12
Abstract Blouse - Vintage
Badsport Bra - Unif
Satchel - Steve Madden
Black Jeans - Love Sick
Hellraiser Loafers - Unif

Photos by Marcus Vigil

Monday, April 6, 2015


   On a lonely Thursday night I received a message from my lovely friend Nick. Spontaneously enough, he invited me not only to the RuPaul's Drag Race show, but also to a meet and greet!  How could I say no?! I would never pass up an opportunity to see drag makeup in action.  The meet and greet went perfectly; the queens fondled my hair as I fondled their wigs in between conversation. A photographer took our picture, then we hurried down to the stage. We were right up front for the entire performance.  There was singing, lip syncing (duh!), dancing, stilt walking, comedy, celeb impersonations, and of course amazing costumes.  Although the show was very extravagant, the crowd was my favorite.  As soon as I walked into the Bourbon Theater I felt relieved of the judgment that seems to follow on the street.  I have never been surrounded by so many people who where comfortable in their own skin.  The LGBT community is the most moving congregation of this generation, there is absolutely no denying it.  I was sure as hell touched.  I don't understand how anyone could look at these drag queens and think they were made to be anyone other than the women they are today. 

Bless your sparkly souls,

Pictures by Nick Combs

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Omaha Fashion Week Part Two: Behind the Scenes








Hair and Makeup: Kontempo

Tail Design: Dan Richters