Monday, September 29, 2014

Maddi Mouse Club House

Welcome to my closet.

    I just moved all my junk out of the parents house.  I am almost completely settled in.  I doubled my closet space, plus an additional clothing rack.  I love my new space, but that is not why I am stuck in here taking awkward pictures of myself.  I am still struggling with finding the perfect location to take blog photos.  I promise to be a good lil' blogger, because you all mean so much to me.  But, I get so nervous when I take pictures in public, even just outside my house.  There are a million beautiful sights here, and I'm torn because of it.  Today I decided that I have been taking everything way too seriously.  I should be having more fun, because that is the very reason I started blogging in the first place!  Ultimately, the only way I am going to get over my insecurities, is by facing fear head on.  I can't hide in the trees forever, right?  I seriously can't thank all of you enough for supporting me. 

Enjoy the photo-vomit below.
The Look
Mickey House Jumper - Thrifted
Cut-off High Waisted Shorts - Foxx Foe
Creepers - T.U.K.
Rose Choker in Pink - Illuminati Jewellery
Crystal Necklace - Handmade
Opal Rings - Thrifted 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

New Hair Color Delivery!

    I am so hyped that my La Riche Directions hair color (above) came in the mail today.  I just moved into a new house in Lincoln, so I have been rather stressed.  This mail day was emotionally necessary.  I have used my fair share of hair dye, and I must say there are many things I have learned through trial and error.  I plan on doing several heavily requested hair tutorials that will hopefully help you.  I am not a professional beautician, but I am a very avid researcher, and I know what works for me.      
    In the past I have used Pravana Chroma Silk to color my hair, and I am very happy with most of their colors. If I were to recommend any product from personal use it would be Pravana.  Although, I have been very eager to try Directions since the day I first started coloring my hair unnatural colors.  Because Directions is based in the UK, it typically cost a fortune, but I found a seller on Ebay that only cost $6.83 per pot after shipping.  I will link below (Ebay products are always subject to change and the link may become may not be valid in the future, so hop on it!!).  
    As you can see above, my hair is currently a silver/lilac color.  I am patiently waiting for it to fade so I can bleach and recolor my hair.  I have bought five pots of Directions for a rainbow look, which you will see in a tutorial later on.  Let me know what you think about rainbow and unnatural hair colors! Thanks for reading, loves!

1. White Toner
2. Lavender
3. Violet
4. Carnation Pink
5. Spring Green


Friday, September 19, 2014

Beads of Courage

   If you are familiar with Children's hospitals, then you have probably heard of Beads of Courage.  The program is an art-minded support group for children with chronic diseases.  Each color of bead represents a different hospital act, anything from doctors appointments to major surgeries.  I have been a regular at my hospital for 7-8 years and currently being treated for Crohn's disease.  The nurse gave me 7 big flowery beads representing each year, and a million little beads that I would have earned in that year.  I think the Beads of Courage program gives children something to look forward to during a very difficult time in their lives.  I could very easily buy beads at a craft store, but they would never mean anything.  These are not just beads, they are a life long journey.  
Show your support!  
To learn more about the program click the link below.
Me and my boyfriend have been dating for a year, so I figured I would do a nice date look to celebrate.  Thanks for reading! 

The Look
Lizzy Slinky Bardot Wrap Bodycon Dress - Missguided 
Necklace - Crafted 
Hand Glittered Heals - Brash
Cyber Lipstick - MAC

Friday, September 12, 2014


Photo Cred: @weardeclared Instagram
  I have been given the opportunity to work with Declared clothing, a company that is all about self expression and individuality.  I could not have asked for a better job. They basically scooped me up like an abandoned  kitten in a soggy cardboard box.  As an 18 year old, I have had my fair share of insignificant jobs, where the goal was only to make money.  This is my first beneficial step in the direction of my future. Amy Lynn of Declared contacted me via email after finding my account.  What is it that they say about bad publicity? Oh yes, no such thing!   I will be blogging, modeling, and having far too much fun with the Declared team after I move to Lincoln, NE.  I have good vibes about this, and I am still trying to take in the entirety of the situation.  The fall line will be launching soon.  The fact that I get to be a part of the great things Declared is doing makes everything that has led me to this point in my life seem essential and more meaningful.  My first Declared package is being shipped.  When it arrives I will be doing a mass of outfit posts, so be looking out. Also follow @weardeclared if you would like to keep up with Declared and I.  
Photo Cred: @weardeclared Instagram

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Stop to Smell the Field Flowers

   There is nothing I love more than seeing nature in it's own state of control.  I get so distracted by what is outside, I forget the task at hand. When I have far to much on my mind I like to sit and stare out at the freshly cut fields.  Somehow they make me feel slower, as if I could remember that moment forever.  My anxiety can get out of hand, but I always learn how to breathe again when I tilt my head back and take in the enormous cotton woods, and how small they look under the stars.  Nature simply exists, while the rest of us are too busy running to stop and take notice. Nature still waits, and I respect it's patience. I always find myself wondering who will appreciate my field flowers while I am away. Or, if my flowers will miss me as much as I them.  The frost will come soon and I, like the flowers, will be gone.

The Look
666 Smiley Sweater - UNIF
Witch House Leggings - House of Widow 
Suede Americana Purse - Sharif
Qozmo Platforms - YRU
Gold Chain - Thrift Shop
Lip Stick - Wet n' Wild

Friday, September 5, 2014

Lush Haul

   Recently, I made my first Lush Cosmetics purchase.  I have been seeing them all over the internet, and visited two stores.  This review is way over do! Lush is all natural, cruelty free, and as earth friendly as it gets! Even their packing peanuts (above) are biodegradable! I washed mine down the sink. My package was sealed with recyclable tape covered in their notorious 'Fight Animal Cruelty' logo.  Inside was their new catalog, along with my products.  Here is what I thought about Lush.
DREAM CREAM  8.4 oz.  $26.95
   I tested the Dream Cream in stores.  The nicest sales woman I have ever met suggested this cream for my eczema and dry skin.  The Dream Cream was  the purpose behind this entire haul.  It smells so fresh, but not in a fake flowery perfume way. My skin feels soft, almost fluffy after using it.  My dry skin cleared within a few uses.
AQUA MARINA   3.5 oz.  $12.95
   I have used this product so much in the time I have had it.  It is thick and creamy with bits of seaweed infused in it.  When combined with water it becomes a facial cleanser.  I believe the point of this product is to clean out pores, but my skin did not react well.  I have been breaking out in a few places that are not normal for my skin.  It could be from anything else, of course! My skin does feel super fresh after washing with Aqua Marina, but all products react differently to various skin types, mine being very dry and sensitive.  Aside from my own misfortune, I would still recommend.
   This product is a bar of soap made with sea salt, seaweed, and all things mermaids love.  It smells very zesty, like cologne, but still sweet enough for girls.  I look forward to showers now that I have it. The seaweed and salt exfoliate very well.  I do wish my bar was bigger, but I am not complaining!  
COAL FACE  3.5 oz.  $13.95
   I also received a small sample of Coal Face with my purchase.  It is also a cleanser, but it comes in more of a solid form, like a bar of soap. You mix it with water and it exfoliates with little grains of charcoal.  I have not used this much, because I am trying to save it. Even though it is coal, it still smells very delicate. 

Scroll down to see my wish list and more pictures!
Daddy-O  - Shampoo
Granny Takes A Dip  - Bath Bomb
H'Suan Wen Hua - Hair Treatment
Orange Blossom - Solid Perfume 
Ocean Salt - Facial Scrub