Wednesday, February 3, 2016

My Hot Models - Portfolio Pictures

   There is only one thing scarier than losing trace of all SD cards filled with blog content. That is knowing your room is clean and they are still nowhere to be found.  You won't be seeing any outfit posts for a while, at least not from me. *Sighs casually while still dying inside* Say a prayer for me.  In the absence of my SD card, I have something new for you all!  I have been taking an Intro to Photography course this semester.  At this point the course is so basic that it's almost a joke, but my portfolio needed updating anyway.  Unfortunately, I took the class on the wrong day. From what I've heard the professor of the 8 AM class is mouth watering.  Isn't that just my luck.  Anyway, my gorgeous friends Regina Khoo and Bailey Ernst have both volunteered to model for me.  I don't know what's more challenging, the photography, or trying to fit into the demanding schedules of fashion students.  All of these photos were taken so last minute that I was late to my classes after every shoot.  Quality over truancy I always say. Luckily it is simply impossible for these babes to take a bad shot, and they slayed these projects.  SO THANKFUL. I have much love for these ladies, follow them on Instagram!