Thursday, December 8, 2016




My friends down at This Season Magazine did an article on my questionable closet choices. I know many of the people who create content for TS and I even live with their social media manager. They are all such dedicated students, the fact that they find the time to produce a magazine on the side amazes me. At this very moment we are all bubbling in finals. No matter what your major, I feel your stress and anxiety. While I would very much like to tell you that I value my college education I would only be lying to myself. I believe we are all here at this money sucking university for a reason and it's not the signed paper at the end. We are here to find those with common interests, network for the future, and potentially meet that one professor who changes you perspective on everything. Anyone who only came to college to drink their 20's away and find a practical career path is already behind. Creation, this is the meaning of college. Self discovery doesn't often happen in the class room. One internship does not qualify as "experience" in this job market. You have to go out and make these experiences happen and meet the people who will make them possible. There is always something more you could be doing. I'm swimming in ideas that I will never make time for, unless their worth it, but this conscious effort to do more and be more is what will set those who work apart from those who wander.  I have the most respect for my peers at This Season for this reason. I am so proud of their start up and I know all these students will prosper.  Don't let anyone tell you there is something wrong with being extra!   

Much love, TS.