Thursday, February 5, 2015

Wintery LUSH Haul

   It has been so long since I have seen this much snow.  I can't walk outside without getting snow in my socks.  I can honestly say I will not miss it when Spring comes.  While I hate the cold and ice, it seems that severe weather conditions bring out the best in people.  Someone was always there to help push when me and my boyfriend got stuck in a drift.  And we were just as happy to help anyone in the same situation, including a guy who ran out of gas and had to chip away the ice on his trunk to find his gas can. Every time I walk out side it seems so cold, but whenever I was helping someone I didn't seem to notice as much.  

   All I really want to do in the winter is sit in a long warm bath.  Lush had an after Christmas buy one get one sale, and you already know I couldn't resist. I only spent $33 total, which is basically like the price of two original priced items. Give or take. A lot of these products are sold out due to the fact that they were holiday specials, but I'm hoping this will give you some insight on similar products, which I will link.

   I cut my bubble bar into pieces and only used about one fifth of mine in the bath. I found that it works best if you hold the piece directly under the water as it's running.  Otherwise, it won't fully disintegrate. Either way the bubbles form automatically. The small chunk I used was more than enough to fill the entire tub with bubbles.  It produced a fresh smell, but honestly what Lush product doesn't? The bubbles didn't last as long as I would have hoped, but I feel if I were to use more at a time that wouldn't be an issue. Aside from the bubbles, I was surprised to find that it made my skin feel smoother than any other bubble bath I have used.

   Of all of the products I ordered So White was my least favorite.  It does have an apple-like scent, but I'm not sure if I'm a fan.  For lack of better words, it is the "soapiest" smelling of them all.  To me it reminds me of something you wouldn't want to get in your eye.  It says it is shimmery, but on the skin it is almost impossible to notice.

   I find First Snow to be the most useful because of it's versatility.  I have very dry hair from numerous bleaches, so I use hair oil to keep it hydrated and shiny.  Occasionally I use too much and my hair looks oily.  I use first snow to powder my roots, and make them look less glossy in those instances. This product would be wonderful for powdering yourself down on hot summer days, smelly shoes, and after a warm bath.  Lush also recommends sprinkling it in your sheet, which I am so down to try. First snow smells delicious, and is very shimmery.  So glittery in fact that your hands will look like a craft room.

   Lush's Fun products are made to be used as whatever you want. It works in the same way as a bubble bar, shampoo, and body soap.  It has a play dough texture, and is about as kid friendly as those crayons kids draw all over the bathroom walls with, excepts it's cleaner.  Fun gives you the most product for your money. It's very bubbly, and will last you a long time.  The best part about my snowman is that it smells like candy!

   From the front you can see the colorful side of the bar. On the other side is a thin, white, silky layer. The white side is much more moisturizing.  This bar is bigger than the bar of Sea Vegetable from my last Lush haul, but it does not smell nearly as good in my opinion.  I have never had baked Alaska, but this soap smells like it came out of the garden, not the oven. Regardless, It still smells sweet. 

   Last but not least is my favorite of all, Hot Toddy.  I was expecting the shower gel to smell like cinnamon candy.  While I do smell a hint of cinnamon, I was pleased to know that the scent is much more natural.  It smells like a burst of cloves, which happens to be my favorite scent of all time.  On the skin Hot Toddy feels tingly and soothing.  It has glitter in it, but it washes away without a trace.  My only complaint would be that the smell does not cling to the skin like the other gels.

   Lush sent me a small sample of the Karma soap with my order.  It is a red bar with a potent aroma.  Karma is the only bar of soap I have yet to use from lush that retains it's scent on the skin for so long.  It is also the most masculine of all the Lush products I have used.  It smells like musky woods, and lemon.  It isn't my personal favorite, but I could see it being a great gift for a guy. This is the only product this is currently still in stock. 

   I like to do these reviews as soon as I get done using the products for the first time.  I think the initial experience gets lost after repeated use, and I never like to be bias.  So, I'm sitting here in my bath robe typing up this post, and all I can hope for is that you find my words honest and genuine.  
Thanks for reading!!