Monday, February 6, 2017




A tale as old as time, true as it can be, I feel off the wagon again. I feel like the bubblegum version of 
Jekyll & Hyde. Sometimes I'm colorful and sweet and other times I'm crusty and faded. My current status is somewhere in between 'freshly scraped off a park bench' and 'stuck to the bottom of Paris Hiltons stiletto.' AT LEAST IM GOIN' PLACES. In all seriousness, my health has prevented me from doing a lot of things I constantly take for granted, which in turn has demotivated me from doing things I love like having a social life, blogging, modeling, photography, etc. In my constant endeavor to keep up with school in my condition, dare I waste any energy on things that actually fulfill me? At my pace I won't be healthy enough to do the things I have worked so hard to achieve and pursue in the future. So I'm about to get REAL negligent up in here. My professors can "anonymously" scold me in front of the class all they want, because my body should come before coursework. That's a lesson I have yet to beat into myself.


1. You probably won't do what you studied in college for the rest of your life so start doing what you love now. Hell, chase your dreams.
2. C's get degrees, but good luck with that internship application.
3. Waste no time.
4. Don't work at minimum wage if you want to be able to be "independent," or do things like eat.
5. Most importantly, your peers are your biggest resource, choose them wisely.

In my absence from blogging in the last several months I've learned a lot about myself. Firstly, I need a creative outlet to be sane. Maybe I'm not that creative, doesn't matter; still need it. Without this world of introspective thoughts and emotions that I have vomited all over blogger, and the joy I get deep down knowing that someone has noticed it I turn into a very isolated person. I don't invite many people into my reality (without a minimum of five years experience and two letters of recommendation.)  When I shy away from the internet it is for the purpose of healing, but I never expected my life to become so washed out. I know that makes me sound like the Millennial who cried wolf, but as a content creator I am nothing without my network of friends. When everyone is off making magic and posting it online for me to see from my bed snuggled under a heating pad, I feel like an undeserving impostor.  I get sad and not like the blues, but the MEAN REDS if you can catch my drift. I've regained some energy and instead of doing a weeks worth of homework I have stacked up, I'm going to do something I should have done ages ago.




I sincerely apologies to Stylewe for the untimely review, but in no way was it personal. In fact I loved their clothing. The camel wool cardigan is slightly bat-winged and slouchy just how you would want your grandpa's old sweater to fit you. It only comes in one size but it was basically falling off me. The zip up mini skirt was by far my favorite out of the two pieces. The skirt is soft like puppy ears, I was so surprised! The only concerning thing about the skirt is that I received a size medium and it still fits fairly tight and puckers slightly. Stylewe has a great selection of very unique clothing from independent designers. I'm a huge fan of shopping internationally online for this reason. They have an average selection of styles, but countless head turners and classic silhouettes. Over all I believe they are one of the more contemporary retailers that I've collaborated with yet. 

Thanks for reading and putting up with my shit,